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Happy Day after Talk Like a Pirate Day…

Why do pirates buy their hearing aids at Costco?

They’re only a buccaneer!

Happy December 25…

And Merry Christmas from me!

Hope yours was happier! 😂😂😂

Happy December 23…

It’s Festivus Day where Amazon’s Alexa reminded me to:

Festivus episode of Seinfeld😂

Get an aluminum Festivus pole

Air our grievances

Join in feats of strength

Call all non-routine events Festivus miracles!

Happy Festivus, a holiday for the rest of us!

Happy December 16…

Late again, I know, but having work done on the house. Anyhow, a Hanukkah joke from me and Amazon’s Alexa!

What do you call Hanukkah gelt that you gamble with?

Chocolate chips!

Happy December 6…

From me and Amazon’s Alexa, here’s a fun holiday fact!

The word eggnog is believed to derive from the word noggin, a small wooden cup the drink was originally served in. Today over 135 million pounds of eggnog are consumed in the US each year. (Why is that pounds and not gallons?)

I’ve never cared for eggnog, which is just as well, cause it’s a pretty calorie heavy drink. But apparently Christmas Eve is National Eggnog Day. I’ll celebrate with a lovely vodka and tonic 😘