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#atozchallenge, O is for Opal…

After the will was read, Olivia tearfully clutched her grandmother’s opal ring, a priceless remembrance from the woman she spent so much time with while growing up.

That night as Liv rubbed the stones to a warm luster, the top sprung open, revealing a compartment that held a single pill.  She knew Grand-Me`re Bridgette met and married Grandpa Joe when he’d been an injured Air Corp pilot in France during WWII and she was his nurse.  Her grandmother had loved to tell the story.  But nurses wouldn’t need what looked for all the world like a hidden cyanide capsule.  Right?


This year my theme is 100 word fiction.  (So, no, don’t count this line)


Ornate, N’est-ce Pas? The Daily Post Photo Challenge…

I’m posting my first photo response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ornate,.

I’ve been fixated on shoes since seeing Killer Heels, The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe art exhibit last month, at the Palm Springs Art Museum through December 13, organized by the Brooklyn Museum.  This pair by Chanel are called Heel, Haute Couture, Spring/Summer, 2010, made of leather, resin, plastic and metal, courtesy of Chanel.  Very ornate, n’est-ce pas?