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Hubby being silly on our last trip to Canada in the fall before he passed away unexpectedly in December…

And I swear he is still being silly, as almost every time oldest was in my room at the house working on the bathroom floor his dad’s lamp on his nightstand would come on by itself!  It happened at least three times.  Never my lamp, only his dad’s…

Just last week the realtor told me the day of the open house she was hurrying through and turning lights on in all the rooms.  When she got to the master bedroom and walked in, one of the pulls on my dresser started moving up and down for about five seconds.  Said she thought she was imagining it at first but it kept going!  Then she jumped up and down in front of the dresser and tried to make it move again, but it wouldn’t.

I firmly believe there’s some extra energy in that room that’s making things happen.  And I never told the realtor about the light until she told me about the dresser pull.

I’m sure it’s hubby and I imagine he got a kick out of her jumping up and down in front of the dresser!

I’ve  never been sure how I felt about what happens when someone dies, but lately I’ve seen his light come on by itself many times.  Some items from his jewelry box seem to be missing, too, so I guess I’ll search for things in unexpected places!

Any thoughts?


A Favor to Ask of You…

I have a huge favor to ask of you.  I have two friends who are in dire need of prayers, good wishes, good energy, whatever you call it in your life.  I know how you all helped me get through bad times last year and if every person who reads my blog sends one small message out into the universe, perhaps it will help.

One of my dear friends has recently begun immunotherapy for colon cancer.  We are hopeful that these new treatments will have great success.  She is the nicest person you’d ever want to meet.  She’s always there for friends and neighbors, driving people to appointments, visiting them, doing what she can to help.  And now I so want to help her.  I won’t print her name because I don’t want to invade her privacy in any way, but I know the messages will get through.

The other person who needs our thoughts and prayers is the husband of a former neighbor of mine.  He just found out recently he has a malignant tumor on his spine and it’s causing him a great deal of pain.  He had to leave his job last fall and takes meds pretty much 24/7 to cope with the unrelenting discomfort.  He will be undergoing a stress test soon before chemo and/or radiation can begin.  I don’t know him well, but his wife is the dearest, sweetest person you’d ever want to meet and I know that if she chose him to marry, he has to be a wonderful guy.

The first time I met my former neighbor, she was walking down our block with her children who were quite young at the time.  They were walking to the movie theater which is several blocks from our house.  Her little boy, who was about four or five, was complaining he didn’t want to walk.  And I heard her say, “Well, you don’t have to walk!  You can hop or you can skip or you can jump!”  I really thought I would hate her, lol, but it turns out she was a preschool teacher and I found over the years that not only is she sweet, she’s also fun and funny…

So, please, if you have a moment to send prayers, thoughts, energy, vibes, whatever you are comfortable with for my friends, I would be so appreciative.