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Virtual Lover (cont.)


You can find the first part of Virtual Lover here.

They slept the sated sleep of lovers exhausted, entwined in each other.  Even as one stretched and turned, the other moved, drawn like a magnet.  The dance repeated until early morning light crept into the room and bright blue smiled into velvety brown.  They reached for each other again and soft moans and hums of pleasure filled the early morning air.

Then once again exhaustion overtook and they slept until the tantalizing aroma of freshly brewed coffee crept through the house and once again icy blue smiled into warm brown. She closed her eyes briefly, planning just to relax another moment.

Then she felt the touch of butterfly wings above her right eye as he placed her coffee with just the right touch of cream on the night table and slowly and gently began kissing her awake…

She leaned back in her chair, savoring the warmth and richness of her cup of coffee and the scene she had just written.