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Mother of Dragons…


Nothing says Christmas like dragons, especially from Game of Thrones, right?  Well, it is red after all!

My very talented friend sonofabeach and his wife (she’s the artist, he’s the metal worker) create one of a kind artwork like this and I commissioned them to do this as a surprise for my son and his wife for Christmas.  If you are interested in having something made, you can go to his website and look around.  He’s also a very talented photographer and if you drop him a line in the comments section, he will get back to you quickly!

As you can see from the picture, my son already has some pint glass sets and they love the Game of Thrones show.  Those are bottle caps that form the scales on the dragon and they really do look like scales!  My son was so surprised and I know he will put it up in his rec room in the bar area, although it might make a pretty cool table covered in glass and with legs attached.  Just sayin’.


Last year, T and his wife made these adorable seahorses for my sunroom wall.  You can request colors or bottle cap brands and they will do their best to accommodate you!