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#atozchallenge, G is for Girlfriends…



According to Wikipedia, Ladies who lunch is a phrase introduced by New York magazine in their January 1970 edition, often used to describe well-off, well-dressed women who meet for social luncheons.  Typically, the women are married, supported by their spouses and shop and lunch in upscale establishments.   I named my blog Ladies Who Lunch Reviews etc. with tongue firmly planted in my cheek 😀

My girlfriends — my ladies who lunch — are some of my best friends.   I’ve known many of them more than 20 years, some are newer friends, but they are all dear to me.  We do shop together, eat out together, take trips, go to the movies, parties, showers and weddings and celebrate holidays together.  We’ve also cooked for each other when someone’s been ill or in the hospital and supported each other through the deaths of many of our parents.

One of our special traditions is a girls-only birthday dinner where eight or nine of us treat the birthday girl to dinner at her favorite restaurant.

We spend hours talking and eating and sharing one or two fabulous desserts.  We take forever to figure out the check, usually involving someone’s phone calculator.  Yes, we do go to the restroom in pairs.  No, I don’t really know why.  We always have candles for the dessert and serenade the birthday girl, sometimes to the consternation of other diners around us.  And sometimes the other diners join in.  But thank goodness we’re old enough that we don’t care… 😉

~Diane D.                                          Cartoon found on Pinterest

(My A to Z Challenge theme is birthdays)