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I want to dance…


I want to dance

To twirl and feel the air

Lift silken layers and guide your eager

Hands to my hips…

I want to dance

My fingers across your nape

Twine them into your curls

And tug gently till our eyes meet…

I want to dance

Attendance on your lips

To linger thigh to thigh

In a soft cocoon…

I want to dance

But we are caught

as surely as our hands between us

Or our mingled breaths…

We pull apart

You twirl me away

Chiffon floats like a cloud

I want to dance…


He Is That Song…


He is that song

to make your heart dance

with the rhythm of love

His voice exists

for you alone

Your reason to breathe

a lyrical explosion

Guitar strings strummed

while harmonies soar

and emotions crescendo

The beat pulses

deep in your soul

You crave him

He is that song


~ Diane D.                                                  Photo from Pixabay


In juxtaposition to the lovely words of She Is That Song by The Lonely Author.  Thank you, Drew, for your inspiration…


Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…

Let’s dance…