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Anyone else having weird things going on?  Yesterday I had two comments in spam.  Today I have 169!  I don’t even know what to think!

I Might Be In Your Spam…


Yuck, and no one wants to be there!  If I’m one of your blog followers, could you do me a favor and check your spam to see if any of my comments might be there?  I usually try to comment on the sites I follow.  Lately, almost every week someone tells me they have found my comments in spam.  Yesterday my friend Meg (Dr. Meg Sorick) sent me a note that as she was responding to another comment, one of my comments disappeared from her site and moved into her spam!

I’ve checked with WordPress, filled out forms with Akismet, and they’re not seeing an obvious reason why this is happening. Although I’m flattered to be singled out, I think I’d rather you could see the comments I wrote!

Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time.  I try to check my spam folder at least a couple times a week and I have occasionally found legitimate comments there.   If anyone has any ideas on this, I’d love to hear them…