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#atozchallenge, I is for Island…

Iolana gazed at endless ocean in the distance as she waited for her bus.  She had studied long and hard to earn scholarships and soon she’d be going to college on the mainland.  The island was beautiful, but life was difficult for locals.  Her parents worked constantly, two jobs each, to keep their home in a rundown neighborhood that looked nothing like the tropical resorts that tourists loved.

She would return one day with her medical degree and open a free clinic.  If medical care was closer and more affordable, she thought sadly, perhaps her grandfather would still be alive.

My theme this year is 100 word fiction (so, no, don’t count this line!)


Trust, a limerick…


Sending your child away to college is tough
Having to trust that you’ve taught them enough
They’re excited to be on their own
You can’t believe that they’re grown
Take heart, they’ll always need you — to buy stuff!

Photo of Yale University from Pixabay

In response to Mind and Life Matters Limerick Poetry Challenge, Trust.