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Wednesday Update…


86a80fc5-22a4-4505-824f-3bf6806b3440 I’ve always lived in the western suburbs of Chicago and we Midwesterners are a pretty tough bunch.  This subzero stuff happens to us pretty often and we’re generally equipped to deal.  But today is a new level of crazy cold.

When I woke up this morning it was -27 actual temperature!  Last night I left faucets trickling and cabinet and vanity doors open to allow warm room air to get to the pipes.

I felt like I was taking my life into my hands just going to the end of the driveway to retrieve the papers this morning.  Apparently frostbite can occur in two to five minutes when wind chills are -55. Doctors on the morning news shows were telling us not to take deep breaths outside as it can cause lung damage!

As you can tell because I’m blogging I made it back inside safely.  And I won’t even have to go out again for the mail because they’ve suspended our postal service today.

Come on Spring!

Tuesday Thoughts…

This view is from my front porch yesterday morning.


I’m not exactly grateful for the snow on top of snow, but I am grateful that I have a Toro snowblower and that hubby made sure I knew how to use it!  Sometimes my new neighbors, Christian and Gaelle, offer  to shovel for me but it’s not too bad with the snowblower.

I’m grateful that my car started with no problem this morning as Dave and I are going to the gym soon. Yes, we are that dedicated as it is 2 degrees F. out!  And I would feel bad if his trainer was there and we didn’t show as then she won’t get paid…

I have warm gloves and coats and am grateful for my Bearpaw boots!  And later I’ll be grateful for my Instant Pot as I’m going to make butternut squash soup and maybe Italian beef for hot sandwiches.

Tomorrow we are expecting daytime highs of about 15 below so we are not going anywhere on Wednesday.  Maybe not even to the mailbox by the street!

Wish You Were Here…

Instead of me!  I’m home in IL from Hawaii, just in time for THIS!  At least hardly anybody is going anywhere today and I have groceries in the house.

The picture on the left is my front yard and you can see how much snow is on the bench.  The other picture is the hot tub and that’s the grill on the left.

My poor old dog followed me out while I was trying to shovel him a path cause we have about 9 inches of snow and expecting more all weekend.  He, of course, had to be first and plunged into the snow that was up to his tummy and just stood in one spot until I shoveled him out!


It’s been super cold here in the Midwest (high of ten degrees today, low of 12 below last night) but we’re expecting warm ups by this weekend and maybe even 40 degrees one or two days next week!  Hallelujah!   We have some snow, but only three or four inches.  And the sun is shining brightly, hence the really, really cold temps.  When it hits above freezing I may attempt to clear the driveway, but really, if I can drive over the snow, does it matter?

But the East Coast was hit with a “bomb cyclone” recently, with more than a foot of snow in many places and now dropping temps.  Is that even a real term or just something the weather people made up?   (Okay, I looked it up and yes, it’s a real meteorological term so if you want to know what brings the snow and cold, you can look it up online, too, 😉 )  To all my East Coast friends and family, please stay safe and warm!  Hopefully we will get through January and February here in the States and on to better weather…

The Long Road Home…

The wind bit into her exposed skin as Dena huddled against her broken down car on the side of the interstate.  Dusk was closing in and she knew it would be dark soon.  How could she have forgotten to charge her phone before starting the drive home for Thanksgiving?

Mom is going to kill me, she thought ruefully, but with no phone and no car, she had no choice but to try to get someone to stop and help her.  Maybe she’d luck out and another kid going home from college would stop and pick her up.  Or maybe a nice truck driver.  They were the ones to help you on the road, her dad always said.

Okay, if no one was coming down the road, she was going to get back inside her car and wait where it was at least a little warmer.  Maybe the OnStar thing would work.  She got in and pressed it again and again, but nothing.  No disembodied voice asking how they could help her.  Her luggage was in the trunk of the little Dodge Dart and maybe she’d get it out and put some more layers of clothes on to try to stay warm.  She didn’t have another coat, but more jeans and socks and a big sweater, at least.

Darkness was rapidly closing in when she heard rumbling sounds behind her.  Peering out the frosted over back window she saw a huge semi bearing down on her.  The noise must have been the truck downshifting as the driver tried to stop after seeing her car.  Too late to get out and make a run for it, she just prayed that the air brakes caught and the massive machine stopped before slamming into her car.  Head down, trying to remember the long ago prayers from when she was a little girl, “Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name…”

Oh, thank you, Jesus, the truck swung around her car and pulled onto the shoulder just in front with an awful squeal.  Dena’s heart was still pounding and her mouth was nearly dry, not noticing a tall, broad-shouldered man get out of the cab, a knit cap pulled low over longish brown hair as he stalked toward her car.  She was still in a daze when the loud rapping on her window brought her into the present.

Dena opened the door a crack to peer out and his lips tilted up a little.  “Can I help you with anything, miss?”

“Oh, thank goodness you stopped,” was all she could muster as her eyes filled with tears.

“Yep, seems like good luck all around, doesn’t it?  Come on into my truck and warm up a little and I’ll see what’s going on with your car.”  His big hand tugged on hers a little until she finally got her body to move.  She was almost stiff with the cold and the remnants of  fear from seeing the truck bearing down on her.  And now, relief — or something — was making her light-headed.

“My name is Dena,” she managed as he guided her toward the cab of the truck.  She noticed it was white and had some sort of telephone number and Jones Trucking on the side.

“Nice to meet you, Dena,” he smiled, again with the slight uptilt.  “Most folks call me Jonesy, but my name is Bill.  Now get on in there and warm up a little.”

It seemed like she barely had time to settle back against the luxurious padded seat and feel her toes and fingers start to thaw before he was climbing back up beside her.  Then she felt the truck lurch forward before it moved onto the highway.