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Saying Goodbye…


12 weeks


About 2 years



Today I lost another piece of my heart.  This morning I had to take Chief, my Chow/terrier mix, to the vet and make that decision.  Not unexpected, as he would have been 16 this summer.  These decisions are just so agonizing, as any pet owner knows.

We got him from a rescue group when he was just a small ball of fluff and were proud to be his people all these years.  He was brave and strong and loyal and also wild and crazy and silly.  And I will miss him so much.  One of those days when being a grown up just sucks…

# Tuesday Haiku…


Back buying diapers

Could be for hubby or me

Always a bright side!



My beautiful Chief, who is part terrier and part Chow, will be 15 in July.  He’s got arthritis, he’s getting hard of hearing and now having problems with incontinence overnight.  He’s been my baby since we adopted him at 8 weeks.  So sad to see him age, especially since he’s almost 50 pounds and not easy to help in and out of the house.  But he still loves going for a walk every day and he’s a really good sport about wearing his “man pants!”

We will probably need to redo the floor in the sunroom eventually, but at least the damage is being confined to one room.  If anyone has any other ideas, I’m open to suggestions!