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Yay, Yay, it’s Football Sunday…

Bears camp, 2019

I live in the Chicago suburbs and have been a Chicago Bears football fan ever since I met my husband. The 1985 Super Bowl, which the Bears won, was the first full game I’d ever watched.

Today they’re back in the playoffs with a VERY slim chance of beating the New Orleans Saints to move on. But it helps us get through the snow and cold when we have our team to root for — and the Packers to root against!

I’ll leave you with a joke a Southwest Airlines flight attendant told as we were landing at Midway Airport on a football Sunday many years ago.

At a divorce court a family of bears is waiting for the judge to grant custody of little bear.

The judge asks the baby bear, “Do you want to live with papa bear?” The baby bear replied, “No he beats me.”

The judge asked, so do you want to live with mommy bear? The baby bear said, “No she beats me too.”

The judge asked, “Then whom do you want to live with?”

The baby bear said, “The Chicago Bears, because they don’t beat anyone!”

Monsters of the Midway…

It was hot as blazes down in Bourbonnais where the Chicago Bears hold their preseason training camp in late July and early August. But it’s only 50 or so miles from us, so we drove down.

Picture from Bears site

#52, the fabulous Khalil Mack!

#29, Tarik Cohen, #10, Mitch Trubisky, #87, Adam Shaheen and #20, Prince Amukamara

#72, Charles Leno, Jr. and #10, Trubisky

Picture from Bears site

We had (free) tickets for August 5 and all 90 some Bears on the roster were there; no holdouts this year. My sons had an especially good time as we marveled at how close we were to the players, closer than you would ever be at an NFL game.

We didn’t try for autographs as it was Armed Forces Day and the first 150 or so active duty military and 50 kids who signed up got a chance and it was SO crowded.

But it was another fun event we squeezed in before school starts up again and the summer is over!