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Sharing my Story

A very honest and wonderful story by a new friend, Rae, about her experiences with breast cancer. I hope you’ll stop by her blog!


A Brewing Storm…a 100 word story


She thought she knew exactly what she wanted in life and had clung to her certainties tenaciously.  Life had drifted into a calm, settled routine, somewhat boring, but whose life wasn’t by the time they had reached 50?

Something grew in the back of her mind, just out of reach, something that she knew she could love desperately, if only it would become clearer.  Her discontent became apparent in her appearance.  Tears came easily.  She began to second-guess everything her husband said and did.  He never reached for her, seldom even talked with her beyond pleasant exchanges.

She plotted and waited.

By Diane D.

I’m fine, it’s just a story…