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A Booby Update…


No, not those kind…

But parts of me (not my feet) might have been a little blue as they got pulled and pushed and squished into the cold glass and metal of the mammography machine yesterday.  Good news, the radiologist did not see anything to cause concern, declaring me momentarily clear and cancer free.  Yay me!!

But as anyone who’s gone through something similar (or maybe has a smidgen of anxiety issues), there’s always a niggling little thought in the back of my mind that they might have missed something or something is there and it’s too small to be seen yet.  I even asked my internist why they don’t just do some kind of scan of my whole body.  She smiled nicely and said in my case it wouldn’t be helpful.

I tell myself to stop the worry, tamp down the crazy and get on with life.  Which I’ve been learning to do pretty well.  I call it my new normal.  But I admit I sometimes need a Xanax — actually, sometimes hubby begs me to take one — to drift peacefully off to sleep…

Seriously, though, life is very good and I’m feeling great!

Photo of blue footed boobys courtesy of Wikipedia.

Cajun Shrimp…


My pedicure today.  Hubby says red, but I think it’s pretty obvious the color is OPI Cajun Shrimp…a spicy coral shade that will look even better with a tan!  Cute sandals, too, right?

I think I like it, had to choose a new color because salon did not have my favorite called My Chihuahua Bites.  DDIL chose Fearlessly Alice, a medium blue, with a silver and blue glitter topcoat, from the OPI Through the Looking Glass Collection.

My dream job would be naming new OPI nail polishes.  I don’t think that’s asking too much… 🙂

~Diane D.