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My Friend Marianne…


I met a wonderfully open and lovely woman named Marianne on the whale watching cruise.  She and her husband were in Maui for their 15th wedding anniversary.  She was wearing a scarf and I presumed she’d had breast cancer like me and after awhile I just had to strike up a conversation as I was sweating under my wig and a hat and wishing I’d just gone the scarf route.  It turns out she has alopecia and refuses to wear a wig, instead wearing scarves or going “topless” as she calls it 😉

She is a nurse from Ohio and has gotten very comfortable with her condition. She has lovely tattooed eyebrows and even though her head remains bald, her eyelashes apparently come and go, growing in for a couple of years, then falling out again.  We had a great time talking about cultural differences and women’s feelings about their appearances.  Hi, Marianne!  Thanks for spending time with me…

Chemo Day #4 – The Finale…#Banishtheblues


Yay, I made it!  Had my last chemo today and in exactly two weeks I will take my bald head and one saggy boob and one sloshy boob (nope, I don’t mean hubby 😉 although he’s going, too) to the beautiful Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort for a week of sitting at the pool and just enjoying the warmth of the sun on Maui!

There was a lovely little ceremony at the Cancer Center where all the nurses, techs and volunteers congratulated me on completing my journey and beating cancer, I rang a bell to send me on my way, there were hugs and yes, some tears, and I got a chance to thank all the lovely people who were always fun and supportive and kind.  So, to Derrick, Kelly, Kari, Heather, Shannon, Juliet, today’s nurse, Tiffany, and everyone else at the Cancer Center, I love you all and really hope not to see you again! ❤