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Me and JP, Conversations with an Almost 4 Year Old…

20160816_124532 20160816_124400 20160816_124417_001JP is my almost 4 year old grandson. He and his mom and dad and their English bulldog lived with us while their new house was being built.  One of the best things about having them here was spending time talking with him.  It makes me hopeful for the next generation.  He is so wise and so much fun!   You can find all my Me and JP stories here.

The other day, JP and I had this conversation while playing volleyball in the living room with a helium filled balloon from a local chain restaurant called Red Robin.

Me:  Let me tie a knot in the end of the balloon so we can play.

JP:  What if you don’t tie a knot?

Me:  Well, the air will all come out of it.

JP:  Oh, I know, like an explosion.

Me:  Well, no, not like an explosion.  More like a whoosh.

JP:  Oh, it’s okay, Nana, an explosion is just like a bomb going off!

Me:  What?


And tomorrow my adorable boy starts preschool!  Just two half days a week, but a big step nevertheless.  He is so ready for school and friends and we play animal school sometimes with several Beanie Baby animals and a bear in  grass skirt as the teacher!

Me:  Why are those animals on the top of the couch?

JP:  Nana, those are the grandma and grandpa dogs up there.

Me:  What are they doing?

JP:  They’re just staying to watch the kids at school.

Me:  Oh, honey, they have to leave and come back later to pick the grandkids up.

JP:  Well, okay, but just the one will stay.

Me:  No, Hon, they all have to go so class can start.  The moms and dads go to work, right?

JP:  Right, but the nanas stay cause somebody might be scared.

Me:  Aw, sweetie, there’s nothing to be scared of.  You’ll talk about the weather and learn Spanish and practice writing and go wash your hands and have a snack.

JP:  Nana, know what my favorite word is?

Me:  What?

JP:  Poop.  Poopyhead!

Me:  Well, let’s think of another in case your teacher asks…