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Twittering Tales, #142…

Kat Myrman at Mercury Colliding has provided another photo prompt for a very short story of no more than 280 characters.  This week I decided to try my hand at creating a story…


“I’m afraid I’ve removed all I can.”

“But, Doctor, it — it’s still moving!”

“I’ve seen this happen before with these parasites.  Alien Services will take her now.  If she’s strong enough, she might overcome it.  If not…”

Everyone cringed at the possibility.


263 characters

Me & JP, W is for Wenus*…

IMG_1766JP is our youngest grandson who turned five in September. He and his mom and dad lived with us while they were building their house a year ago. Though they’ve moved into their new house now, we still get to pick him up from preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays and spend the afternoon with him. Next year he’ll be in kindergarten all day. He’s so full of fun and remarkably wise for his years!

For Blogging A to Z, I’ll be sharing some of our many conversations over the last few years.  I learned a new word the other day.  I hope you enjoy.

JP:  Nana, did you see what I was building at school when you picked me up?

Me:  I did see that.  What are those things called?

JP:  They’re called Squigz.  They stick together and I made an alien.  Did you see theAlternate Image #2 of Squigz™ Starter Set (24 Pieces) thing hanging down in the middle?

Me:  I’m not sure.  Why?

JP:  That was his wenus! 

*(Apparently this is the word his daddy has suggested to differentiate between the different areas of his man parts.  Because, of course, JP wanted to know.)

Me:  So, he had to have a wenus, hmm?

JP:  Well, Nana, how else could he go potty?

(How indeed?)


TMI Thursday, The Final Frontier…


I saw my plastic surgeon earlier this week and scheduled what will hopefully be the final step in my breast cancer reconstruction surgeries.  He agreed that he would do as little as possible to minimize the chance of any bleeding/clotting complications.

The normal procedure would be to make an incision under the breast, remove the saline filled expander and replace it with a silicone implant. Not so much chance of bleeding with this.

Then he would perform a “lift” on the unaffected breast to make it perkier so that it better matched the side with the implant.  (Not a lot of natural perkiness going on if you know what I mean!)   Some risk of bleeding, but I said if he decided it was necessary to keep me from tipping to one side to just go ahead.  He didn’t even crack a smile…

The last step would be to liposuction fat from the abdominal area (I know, how could that be a bad thing, right?) and insert said fat into both breasts to create a more natural, rounded appearance. Still no bounce, but softer. But I told him I just can’t do this.  Disappointing, but it just seems too risky with the bleeding to take the chance.  I think he was relieved I didn’t want to try 🙂

So I’m scheduled for surgery on March 10.  I’ll almost certainly have to stop the Coumadin five days before, do the injections in my stomach twice a a day up till the day of surgery, then the hematologist and surgeon will decide how soon to resume the shots and Coumadin afterwards.  It’s a crapshoot with me because of the Factor V Leiden clotting disorder I have but hopefully there won’t be any complications this time.  I really want to be finished already!

Apparently chemo affects your hair, nails and skin for the longest amount of time.  My nails are pretty good, just tiny black marks on some.  My skin has been drier and I’m using moisturizer and body lotion every day.  Most of my bottom eyelashes have fallen out now.  My top lashes are mostly still there as are my eyebrows.  Thank goodness for make up.

My hair on my head is finally growing back.  Right now it’s this soft, down-like fuzz that’s pure white.  From what I’ve read, it may stay like that or get darker or curlier.  The doctors really don’t seem to have any idea why this happens.   Waiting for it to grow back has been about as exciting as watching paint dry.  I still am startled when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror — like a big-eyed alien with a glowing white halo!  I’ll show you a picture soon, promise…

So, there, more than you ever wanted to know about me, right?