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Alice Down the Rabbit Hole


Things changed all too quickly
For everyone’s taste
And days making plans
Suddenly all went to waste

They said, “Go find a rabbit,
A cat and a queen of a woman with heart,”
There’s so much to do before
The ending can start

Life as she knows it is taking a break
But Alice is cool
As she gathers her team, and her people
have people and they all have some pull

She mustn’t be late for the all-important date
With the man in the hat who will keep her intact
And the cat and the rabbit and the woman with heart
Will all have their roles when it comes time to act

Then someone will serve tea through an IV
Or another such thing
And they’re sure she’ll be happy
If it has just a little more zing

So slowly she’s falling, no, there’s no net,
Deeper down the hole, rarely shedding a tear
Because all Alice really wants
Is to make herself clear


Hi, my name is Alice…

Photo credit:  Pixabay