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#atozchallenge, C is for Chair…

Chantal strolled into The Pink Pig, the place to be on Friday night in Nowheresville, Oklahoma, glancing around for her girlfriends.  Figures she’d be the first here, surrounded by testosterone-oozing, beer-drinking cowboys.

Skirting the dance floor, she made a beeline for an empty stool, slung her blue-jean clad bottom onto the chair and bounced off a hard muscled, blue-eyed cowboy who was sitting at the same time.   They turned, she blushed.  He insisted she sit, got her a beer and before long, her number. At closing time he drove her home, walked her to her door and kissed her senseless…


My theme this year is 100 word stories.  (So, no, don’t count this line!)

Inspired by one of my favorite pick up songs, The Chair, by George Straight.  If you don’t know it, have a listen!


Blogging A to Z Theme Reveal…

Today is the day we announce that we’re going to participate in the month long A to Z Challenge in April and what our theme will be.  I’m planning a very short fiction piece each day, say 50 or 100 words, with a subject matter beginning with the appropriate letter.

Hopefully April 30 will not have to be about zebras, but it’s still too early to tell! 🙂  And, of course, I reserve the right to dredge up an old piece and rework it if time becomes short.

If you’re interested, I hope you’ll check out the Blogging A to Z site and think about participating.  Last year was a little nerve wracking, but a lot of fun!


#atozchallenge, D is for Diamond…


According to the American Gemlogical Society, “The diamond is the traditional birthstone of April and holds significant meaning for those born in that month, thought to provide the wearer with better relationships and an increase in inner strength.

Wearing diamonds is purported to bring other benefits such as balance, clarity and abundance. It’s also symbolic of eternal love…”

All that is lovely and good to know, but when you’re a little girl and your friends all have pretty colored stones for their birth months, an April birthday means your stone is colorless and clear and you kind of wish it wasn’t…

But then a girl grows up and begins to understand the value of a diamond and it looks better and better  😉


~Diane D.                                                          Photo credit: Geology IN


(My A to Z Challenge theme is birthdays)