Book Club Choices

If your book club is searching for a new book to read, I think any of these titles would be a great choice!

While You Were Gone, by Kate Moretti

Christmas Chocolat, by Kate Defrise

The Lives Between Us, by Theresa Rizzo

Heartsong Cottage, by Emily March

The Golden Son, by Shilpi Somaya Gowda


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  1. Thanks for tips on the books. It is always good to get a first hand like on a book.


    1. Thanks, hoping to add more soon!


      1. Hello and thanks for following my blog. If your group ever considers looking at poetry, I would love you to check out my recently released book. Title: Northern Compass…available on Amazon. Poetry not your thing? Just enjoy visiting blog. I’m honoured to have you as a guest.

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  2. I will keep my mind on this but I have one library book and 2 loaned to me. Thank you for featuring these. I read a good book with my farm book club, named “Flight Behavior.” It is fictional but includes a Tennessee farm and the surprising arrival of monarch butterflies. Very cool, a town pulls together and a few racy parts. 🙂

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    1. That sounds really good! I have so many advance copies to read I’ve not even been using my library card lately — hate that!


  3. These will be useful. My book club is in the process of choosing our reads for 2016. Thanks.

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  4. I’ll make sure to send my mystery if it ever gets completed.

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    1. How exciting to be working on that kind of project. I can’t write fiction.

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      1. I love your non-fiction writing style. It’s bringing me to places I probably would never get a chance to experience,

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      2. Aw thanks, but this sleepyhead needs to go to bed now. Approaching midnight in Australia. Cheers.


    2. I would love it if you would!

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