Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…

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  1. That’s the Alexa I like😉


      1. You don’t talk as much as you used to, Dee. You okay?

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      2. Aww, my friend, thanks for asking. I’m good, still recreating life for myself. Sold the house, bought a car, put all my things in storage, moved in with my sons family. Then the pandemic hit, everyone was upside down. Bought a smaller house for me and youngest, got a little dog, redid the whole house and I’ve joined a few widows groups. Gah, how I hate that word! Trying to write more, ideas are starting to swirl in my head and I’m not so overwhelmed anymore. How are you?

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      3. Wow – sounds like woe is going and almost gone as far as I can tell from that canned synopsis of life over … what, that last couple of years? Lots of impacts on you but little emotional effect. What are you getting the feeling to write about now? The past, the future, or whatever comes into your head in the shower (like me (no, I don’t mean that I come into your head in the shower – I mean that lots of random things come into my head in the shower. The day they invent waterproof computers built into the walls of the shower is the day my blogging will soar into the stratosphere)?
        Me? Well I’ve started a podcast (Sklugoo Speaks) written a couple more novels, started a side-line as a radio presenter (www.5townsradio.co.uk) and have found out that I don’t have skin-cancer (turns out it’s seborrheic (seb-o-REE-ik) dermatitis) so, yeah – things are good. Still living in the same house. Still hen-pecked. Still writing (I should be outlining a panto instead of writing this). Still breaking wind when no-one is looking (perhaps we should get a dog so that I can blame it on the hound). You know – the usual stuff.
        Hope we can chat more later, but I have to do that panto now …
        Kindness – Robert.

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      4. I’m glad all is well and it’s not skin cancer. I’m not into writing romance right now, feeling more mysterious maybe

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      5. Mystery? Ooo, that sound very … mysterious. Are you allowed to tell me more. Will your conscience allow? 🙂

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      6. Haha – enough said, then. 😂

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