Monday Musings on Tuesday about Doggie DNA…

About a month ago I decided to send a sample of Leia’s DNA to Wisdom Panel to find out what I could about our rescue dog’s background. You can see what she thought about having her cheek swabbed!

We found that the little girl we’d been told was a Jackahuahua (mix of Jack Russell and Chihuahua) is much more Rat and Jack than huahua! She actually has the DNA of 17 different recognized breeds, with 68% different types of terriers. And even the 9% Chihuahua that she is still falls under the terrier category! All this in a little 13 pound package…

Some breeds I’d never heard of and had to look up, but most were small or very small dogs. They even give you a picture of what breeds your dogs parents, grandparents and great grandparents might have been.

Leia’s testing revealed genetic traits of tan points (her ears), chocolate features (eyes and nose) and pied or piebald coloring, in her case mostly white coat with dapples of dark spots throughout. Best of all, she tested negative for 29 unhealthy traits her breeds could have! Pretty much just a very good girl ❤️

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  1. A Heinz 57! Mixed breeds have proven to be healthier than pure bred. Congratulations!

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    1. The rescue group billed her as a Chihuahua mix and she definitely looks like a terrier, so was prepared for a few different breeds. Didn’t expect it to be 17 though!

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      1. Good luck with her. I had to part with my little Boston a month ago after 14 years. He was a darling but always seemed to have health issues.

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      2. I’m sorry to hear that! It’s so hard to let them go…

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      3. It really is. I’m still adjusting to his absence. 🌷


  2. Fingers crossed this worked for you.
    A couple of years ago we were sent a “report/analysis” with another dog’s name on it…and its’ discovered information.
    Discussions with the company was surprising as they were very defensive and ugly ( about their mistake – wrong dog/family). We never got results – only explanation was that it was a “typo”…no. wrong dog. wrong family
    Since then we have found out so many other had the same unpleasant experience and their reputation with vets is pretty bad.
    We also found out they are owned by a company that specializes in dog meds/food that “focuses on what your specific breed needs too keep all throughout their lives”
    I have approached the parent company with error – how that incorrect information could impact the way a owner feeds and treats their dog ( if food/meds/vitamins are breed indication specific) and possible conflict of interest.
    Hopefully they straightened out their mess and increased their data base to have more info to base their analysis on (cat that time they were begging noted breeders and winning kennels to put their dog’s DNA into their data base…to increase accuracy)
    Sad as we had looked forward to it.
    In any case mixed breeds rock!

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    1. My vet is the person that suggested Wisdom Panel as a reliable DNA testing company to use and the results were quick and seem pretty spot on to me. I was happy with the experience, sorry yours was such a fiasco!

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