You should see the other guy…

I’m telling people it was a bar fight, but I have to admit that’s not really true. Alcohol was sort of involved, though.

I kept a small wrought iron wine rack on top of my fridge in the new house cause I didn’t have a real place in my dining room. Well, not anymore!

Last Thursday I opened the refrigerator and the wine rack fell off. I guess it was moving a little each time we used the fridge, but I didn’t notice. I must have heard it falling, though I really don’t remember, because I looked up and as it fell, it hit me right on my left cheekbone! Could have been way worse, of course, if it had hit my eye or broken my cheekbone. Next time someone starts a fight, I’m just backing away!

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  1. Looks painful, Dee!

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    1. My first black eye! My cheekbone is still sore, but it’s getting better!


  2. I am proud of you–your first bar fight! 😂Keep telling the story. At some point you can use it to embarrass a family member.

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    1. My thoughts exactly! 😂


    1. It’s finally fading and thank goodness I’ve been able to wear sunglasses 😎

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  3. Pick on someone smaller next time Dee!

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    1. Hey, they started it! I was just minding my own business! 😂

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      1. Alcohol is definitely bad for your health!

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