Birthday Week and the NFL Draft…

Oldest’s card from my grandson, JP!

Last week was birthday week in my family as some of you may remember from previous posts I’ve done. My two sons and I have birthdays all in a row, April 26, 27 and 29. I’m in the middle and neither one of them should have been born so close to my day! Oldest was about a week late and youngest was three weeks early. Hubby always claimed they were my presents but after two I said enough, just buy me jewelry!

It’s true that we had every imaginable sports themed cake as they grew up. And never a cake with flowers except for one year when my sweet neighbor, Evelyn, took pity on me and bought me a wonderful little chocolate cake with pink roses!

But now that they’re grown, we pick a day to celebrate together and this year it was the 29th, youngest’s birthday and the first day of the NFL draft. Be still my heart. So we exchanged gifts, ate bar food with beer and margaritas and watched the Chicago Bears trade up to the 11th round to draft quarterback Justin Fields! Another reason to celebrate this year…

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  1. Happy belated!! My grandma’s birthday was the day before mine and we always celebrated together! I LOVED sharing the day with someone I loved so much! Although maybe she didn’t appreciate the clowns and dolls all over her day 😂 I never thought of it from the adult’s perspective hahaha

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    1. It’s kind of fun really but youngest always complained why is mine last when he was younger. Told him it was his choice, he should have been the middle of May!

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  2. Happy Birthday to one and all.

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    1. Thank you! It’s not as tiring as when they were little and we had to celebrate forever!!

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