Monday Musings about Winter…

Should have eaten him before he saw his shadow …

Here in Northern Illinois we have probably 15 or more inches of snow on the ground and we’re expecting between 5 and 6 inches more by tomorrow morning! I swear it snows like every other day now. I am so over winter…

It’s also been much colder than normal for weeks now so nothing is melting. At the moment it’s 3 degrees F. and we have another winter storm warning in effect because of the icy, snowy roads and below zero windchills. I wimped out and told youngest I wasn’t driving him the 18 miles to work this morning. I mean, they haven’t even plowed my subdivision yet!

Our poor little dog is thoroughly disgusted with putting on her coat and harness for a one minute dash down the path in our backyard that I dug out for her. She came from Kentucky, so we’re not sure if she ever even saw snow before. What a rude welcome to Illinois, right?

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  1. Terrible welcome. Brrrrr
    Hope you are well.

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    1. I’m good, thanks! Moved into a gated community this summer so they plow and shovel for us. Inside it’s warm and cozy so we’re pretty good! Hope you are feeling well!

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      1. Good for you. That is great news.
        I am finally feeling strong enough to deal with the stress of blogging. I am doing well. Thanks.
        So, happy to connect with you.
        Please take good care of yourself.
        Stay warm.

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      2. Thank you, Drew! Enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine!

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  2. Luckily, this year in Toronto, we haven’t had a lot of snow! The one winter we have been in lock down for 2 months and we’ve barely had any snow and barely any super cold frigid days! 😂 but back to work tomorrow and snow expected on Thursday hahaha about 10cms or so.

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    1. I’m glad for you! The kids here were back to remote today, maybe some back in school tomorrow. We have about 2 feet of snow on the ground, still below freezing so no chance of melting yet!

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      1. Haha oh woooowww! We were allowed to go back today but in a cruel twist of fate, got tons of heavy snow last night and we had a snow day… which just meant another day of online lessons haha we go back to the building tomorrow.

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      2. It’s been crazy, right? Stay warm

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  3. We’re quite happy for you to keep it there Diane. We have 2 inches and come to a dead stop!

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    1. Oh, my, I think we have about two feet on the ground now, with piles over six feet along the edge of the roads. And it’s SO cold still, may get to freezing by Sunday. Luckily the Midwest of the U S is pretty well prepared for snow. My little dog, not so much!

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  4. This on top of months of lockdowns! No wonder you are “over” winter.

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    1. Another almost 8 inches of snow for us last night! Two feet on the ground now…


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