Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…

Truer words…😂

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  1. Where did all the people go from your comments, Dee? Did you used to have, like loads of chats here? Did you have a break (or two) like me and they all dwindled away (like mine (present company excepted, of course))?

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    1. Yeah, I’ve been very sporadic the last couple years! Since Paul died I had to pack up and sell the house, move in with oldest, put most stuff in storage, then Covid and my son and DIL were working from home and we were quarantined so I was the entertainment for youngest and the grandson. Then in June I bought a new, small house and move in in July. We painted the entire 1700 sq foot house, replaced all the flooring in kitchen dr/lr, entry, hall and both bedrooms with wood flooring. Then had to pack up again and move, replace appliances, and unpack 92 boxes from storage! Still unpacking but I’m trying to set aside some time to read blogs and write! I’ve also blessed Goodwill with many boxes of things I don’t have room for anymore. I’m liking the simplicity. If I had more space I’d fill it, I’m sure!


      1. That sounds really tough. You have much more important things on your plate than this. I bet you’re really gregarious in real life too and you get loads of support when you need it. What’s the most supportive thing people have said to you generally? It’s you who has the insights here into what I should do if things were to happen to me (even though I’m sure they never will).

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  2. My kids have been so supportive! I have a few friends who are widowed, a few who have remarried, so they understand better than my family even. I really was in a fog for several months. It was so sudden, no warning or preparation, and I had my special needs son and an old arthritic dog to deal with every day. I didn’t want to keep the house, too big, too many memories, so that kept me going getting ready to sell it for about five months. I don’t think I did much except cry by myself and cook, walk the dog, clean, pack, stuff I had to do. But it was like that when Dave was born. He’s my youngest and has CP and a cleft lip and palate and developmental delays. You just do what has to be done. Back then life was surgeries and therapies and work until I finally quit cause I couldn’t do it all. Saw a psychologist for awhile and he gave me some no nonsense advice that helped. Change what you can (quit your job for now), stop worrying about the future all the time or you’ll miss the present. And my favorite, there are millions of people in this world who just don’t care at all about your life. It’s hard to always live by those rules, but I try!

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    1. That’s really helpful. I need to keepbthat somewhere special – may I be allowed to make a blog post out if it? The no nonsense stuff, that is?

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      1. Of course. Thank you for asking!


      2. Either that or a T-shirt.

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      3. Hahaha, making me actually lol!

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      4. Good morning, Dee – that’s excellent! 🙂
        Right, I’m going to write that post now before I forget.

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  3. What do you mean I’m “not tequila”? Are you questioning my identity? ❄️ 😹😂😂 Love that quote and I’m writing this on a Saturday to wish you a great weekend. 🌺❤️💕🍸🍹🥂

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    1. Thanks and happy weekend to you, too!

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