Monday Musings about Obsession…like Hauser

I can’t seem to find the post I thought I had done yesterday so maybe I inadvertently trashed it? I’m doing many things inadvertently lately, probably cause I’m not sleeping enough and I’m on Facebook too much!

I know I’m always behind, but I’ve just discovered Stjepan Hauser, a Croatian cellist who has been highly successful as part of 2Cellos for many years. He has recently released a classical CD on his own and posts incredible videos with Italian singer Benedetta Caretta who sings like an angel. They are seriously 🔥 together! I am officially obsessed…

Or this one makes me smile…

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  1. Thank you Diane. Apple Music does have several of their albums. Will download as I blog today. So swet of you to share them.

    Smooches Baby.
    Have a great week.
    Love you.

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    1. I don’t know why I didn’t know about them before but I am officially obsessed. Love you right back 😘

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      1. I am listening to their “Every Breath You Take”
        It is gorgeous.
        Thank you.

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  2. She has a fabulous voice and his playing is beautiful but I’m disturbed by only seeing part of her face. I just had a look on youtube and it seems this is a ‘thing’ with her? Thanks – I now have something else that’s beautiful to listen to!

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    1. I think it is! If you go to her page you can see what a beautiful girl she is.

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      1. I had a look last night and saw a couple of videos of him and her ‘in quarantine’ mode… so could see her face. Yes, she’s beautiful!

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  3. My goodness, it does make you want to hear more and more of both of them.

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    1. I adore their sound. Very calming and beautiful for these unsure times 🤗


  4. Wow, just wow. 🔥🔥🔥 I’m a bit behind the times it seems. Thanks for the intro. Now to find more ❤️😜

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    1. Tomorrow he is doing a free solo concert of classical music at noon my time in Chicago on his YouTube channel. I’m hoping it will include Benedetta but I’ll be watching for sure!

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      1. Ooh thanks for the heads up Di.

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  5. Does anyone know where I can buy a CD by Hauser and Senorita?


    1. IAs far as I know they haven’t released one yet, just You Tube videos! If u find one, let me know!


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