Monday Musings: an Eye for an Eye…

Do you remember me telling you I had cataract surgery several weeks ago? Well, I was able to repay oldest for all his chauffeur duties with my doctor visits by driving him Friday for a LASIK consultation. And, surprisingly, surgery the same day as they had an opening and offered him a discount if he could take the appointment within a week.

We went to lunch then back for his surgery — surgery that took 18 seconds per eye. Yes, that’s right, 36 seconds to perfect vision! He left wearing the goggles and sunglasses but was able to drive the very next day. His recheck on Saturday was perfect and he’s one happy camper already!

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  1. Wishing every one speedy recoveries and the best vision. Be well my dear friend.

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    1. We both act like little kids — omg, I can see the cracks in the sidewalk, hahaha! Love getting new sunglasses, too!

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