It’s Football Sunday…

A few weeks ago I heard Joan Jett singing on the radio and sadly, because I’m the mother of boys, my first thought was, “It’s the Sunday Night Football song!”

I knew that couldn’t be true but I was forced to look it up and it was actually Jett’s song, “I Hate Myself for Loving You,” instead (on which the SNF song is based). Either way, it’s a great song! And I guess there’s just too much testosterone in my house, LOL…

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  1. It’s footballe Sunday and my Jets are getting spanked by the Patriots (nothing new there). Thankfully, I am no where near New York.

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    1. Ah I see they are, sorry 😐. Luckily my Bears can’t lose today cause they don’t play till tomorrow!

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      1. Lucky you. Bears are going to have a better year than last. As for my Jets…….did you know I was on vaction?

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      2. Are you still in the DR? Out of the hospital at least?

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      3. Not far from the beach in DR. Her until November. Building a little hut I can call my own

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      4. I’m glad you are staying out of trouble at least 😉. Take care, my friend!

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