Twittering Tales, #142…

Kat Myrman at Mercury Colliding has provided another photo prompt for a very short story of no more than 280 characters.  This week I decided to try my hand at creating a story…


“I’m afraid I’ve removed all I can.”

“But, Doctor, it — it’s still moving!”

“I’ve seen this happen before with these parasites.  Alien Services will take her now.  If she’s strong enough, she might overcome it.  If not…”

Everyone cringed at the possibility.


263 characters

15 responses

  1. WOW! What a way to go! Great job!


  2. Amazing job Dee!

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  3. Great story. It really captures the imagination!


  4. Yikes! Excellent take!

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      1. You’re welcome, Dee.


  5. Wow! This is a chilling tale. I love it.:)

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  6. Well done, and with a twist.

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