Monthly Archives: May, 2019

Hubby and Me…


This is my anniversary month so I’ve been up and down emotionally, especially with selling the house in one day!  I don’t want to live there anymore but I’m sad to leave, you know?  And I break down in tears like every other day…

All the future plans about downsizing and traveling we had, we made together. And now it’s just me.  And youngest, who’s apparently intending to stay with me forever.

Thought I’d occasionally post some pictures of me and hubby together over the years.  This one was from my mom’s 80th birthday when the whole family celebrated at one of those huge rental houses in Duck, NC.  It was spectacular!

Monday Musings on Tuesday…


Things are changing quickly around here!   That’s the loft area with new carpet in a color called Cinder.  It’s a mix of gray and beige, which I love.


Here is part of the master bath where we (and by we I mean my brother and son!) put in Italian porcelain tile flooring and wood in the closet on the left.  My job was usually to help clean up, purchase materials that were needed and pick up lunch ☹️

One day on the market and we had four showings and an open house.  Then a full price offer that I accepted by the end of the day this past weekend.

Barring any inspection or financing issues, we are back to furiously packing up the rest of our stuff for storage or moving to oldest’s house where we will be living.  I know it will be bittersweet when we leave.  We had so many wonderful years at that house.  But I’m hoping the family that’s buying it will make years of great memories there, too!

Happy Mother’s Day…


Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…


More Changes…


Here’s the 4 season sunroom, pretty much as always, just less clutter and toys!  The floor is a relatively new vinyl wood flooring that clicks together and floats, held down by the baseboard.  Says it’s waterproof which will be great as kids/pets come in through the back patio doors.  We did the whole floor in one day!

It’s always been one of my favorite rooms and its decorated in beachy colors of blue, tans and some coral.  What you can’t see are the gorgeous seahorse family T. at Sonofabeach and his lovely wife made for me a couple years ago.  They are on the wall up above the entryway to the room.  Here’s a link to the previous post I did about those.  They are adorable.