L is for Life and Loss…


I’m not crying, you’re crying…


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  1. So true. We just can’t ever go very long between dogs. We mourn the one we lose…hard. But, we learn to fall in love with another…out of the blue. Not a replacement, more a new addition. 😊

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    1. I’m thinking of volunteering with Dave at a shelter or fostering a dog after awhile. Not ready just yet…

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      1. I hear ya’. That’s not a bad option. 😃


  2. Yes! My best friend passed away years ago. There have been a number of sweet dogs in my life since, but he will always be my best friend.

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    1. Aww,, I know what you mean. So hard to lose them!

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  3. Ooooh my heart ❤
    We are so lucky to have dogs.

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