Happy Valentine’s Day…

Something to remember 😂😂



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  1. lol! Yes, they do matter. I hope that you have a wonderful day, my friend. I know it will be difficult. ❤

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  2. Thanks, two of my boys will be here and I’m making a special dinner. But yeah, a little sad today. Hope you have a great day!


  3. Hehe!! Happy Valentine’s Day! 💛


  4. I was thinking about you just this morning. Hope you’ll be around family a bit today. I know those firsts without someone are hard. 😊😊

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    1. Every day is a little better. Was with my girlfriends yesterday and making a special dinner for my kids tonight. Yep, checking off another holiday without Paul, still can’t believe he’s gone some days. Lucky I have Dave and the dog at home, forces me to get up each morning. Hope you all have a sweet day!

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      1. I hear ya’. I’m glad to hear you’ll have company today. 😊

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  5. Happy Valentine’s Day. I’m glad you will have a special dinner with some of the special people in your life. 💜

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  6. I like the way you face this milestone. Feelin’ proud of you and grateful to God for you. 🌷

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      1. You are killing it 💙

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  7. Holy smokes! Yep. Makes a big difference. 😁


  8. 🤣 I like the bottom one!! 🤣

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    1. It just screams Valentine’s day, right? 😉

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      1. Scream is a good word to use LOL

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