It’s a New Year…


And I didn’t celebrate last night, but I did get some sleep!  I fooled the crazy old Chief dog into thinking I was asleep on the family room couch by leaving a bed pillow and blanket there so that if he woke in the night he didn’t panic and start barking.  Luckily his eye sight isn’t the best, lol.

Yes, I know it’s a lot of silliness to go through for a 15 and a half year old dog, but getting to sleep in my own bed all night without 2 a.m. barking was so worth it.  Tonight I’ll try for two days in a row!


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  1. Well done. Hope you manage another good night.

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  2. I hear ya’. Having an elderly dog in the house is like having a new born at home. Hope he lets you sleep again tonight. 😃

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    1. Exactly! He’s so needy right now and I feel for him! But some days he drives me crazy

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      1. Oh, I totally get it. But, only get so much time with them. Gotta cherish it. Even though it drives you up the wall. 😃

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      2. I’m dreading losing him, had him since he was two months old. We have a deal. He’s going to hang on at least awhile yet cause I can’t lose him right now! So I put up with all the crazy lol

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      3. I hear ya’. I hope you gets lots more time with him. 😊


  3. Glad you got some sleep, Dee. I’m glad the old boy feel for the trick and he lets you get some more rest tonight. Ah the lengths we go to for our fur babies! ❤️


  4. A good night’s sleep can help so much. I hope your trick continues to work.


  5. Happiest & Healthiest New Year!


  6. it all makes sense, really. it shows your kindness and empathy


  7. sportsattitudes | Reply

    Dee, jumped on WordPress to start out the New Year (after admittedly being away for far too long) and was gutted to hear about your loss. My condolences to you and your family. Chief is lucky to have you, and vice versa! Good luck with the new plan for the new late-night “activities,” and wishing you and yours all the best for 2019.

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    1. Thanks, Bruce. Paul’s death was so sudden that the kids and I are still reeling. We had so many plans and thought we had more time! I have my good Days and bad, trying to just move forward right now and do what needs to be done…


  8. Happy New Year, Dee. ❤️🥂

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    1. Thanks, Rob. And to you, too

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  9. Wish you sound sleep

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