If You’re Still Getting Ready for Trick or Treaters…

Or, don’t be a psychopathic party pooper!  Uh, oh, what are you giving out?  (Almost always chocolate at my house, you know, in case there are leftovers!)


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  1. LOL the “chalkies” are my favourite!! I literally stole some out of my kidlets backpack last night. I used it to threaten him cos he wasn’t getting ready fast enough “if I get to zero and you’re not in the van I am eating this candy!!” He wasn’t in the van on time haha

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    1. Thank goodness, right?!😂

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  2. No sour patch kids? lol I love the selection, Dee. I still haven’t gone candy shopping yet, but I’ll take this post into consideration when I do. 😉

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    1. Good idea! That way no tricks!

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  3. You know, that’s very helpful, Dee – thanks very much. So I shouldn’t bake a cake and offer a (small) piece to everyone that calls?

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  4. I’m a trusty provider, cause I have to have my skittles and my snickers fun size. 😊

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  5. Since we don’t get any trick or treaters and I generally eat up eating whatever candy we buy (just in case), we always get the good stuff – chocolate!

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  6. Since the 5 year old chose the candy this year we have full size Reeses cups and Ring Pops. The peanut butter cups are gone. We have a ghost….js

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    1. Hahaha, we must have a ghost too!

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  7. I must be “The Bitch” because I turn all the lights out and don’t answer the door if someone comes despite the darkness. 🙂 We’ve never gotten more than about 4 anyway… we live on a dead end so most skip it…


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