Monday Musings about Cruising…


I’m back from Canada, eh, and here’s just a quick overview of why I like cruising!

  1. Spent more than a week with hubby, my sis and brother in law living next door to each other  (we live several states apart)
  2. Wonderful food choices made it easy to eat well and indulge just a little.  And no planning, cooking or clean up…
  3. Only had to take Dramamine for a few days this time…
  4. Walked literally miles everyday (not to mention the stairs)
  5. Great entertainment all in one place.  A show every night — great music, magic, acrobats and comedy, plus musicians in the common atrium areas…
  6. An incredibly small, efficient storage system for clothes and personal effects in your stateroom…
  7. A free upgrade to a stateroom on a higher floor with an obstructed ocean view (that means a lifeboat is partially in front of your window) but, hey, some people pay for that view!
  8. A special drink of the day and wine with dinner (not included in the price, but still)…
  9. Visiting six cities without packing up and changing hotels every few days…
  10. A towel animal on your bed each night — that’s a bulldog!


I’ll give you the flip side later!

12 responses

  1. Good to have you back!! Hope you enjoyed your time in my lovely country!!

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    1. Absolutely loved it! So much beautiful scenery.

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  2. Welcome back. I love those towel creations. They amaze me. 😊


  3. Who doesn’t like a towel animal on their bed each night? Now, that’s pampering. 😃


  4. Sounds pretty relaxing, even though I’m not much of a cruise girl myself. Love the towels 🙂


  5. How fun! Great take on the upside of your vacation.


  6. Glad you enjoyed yourself! How did you like Quebec City? Hope you took lots of photos!


  7. Haha, I love the towel animal!
    Never thought I’d like a cruise (I can get nauseous in a swimming pool), but your reasons make good sense! 🙂


  8. Good to know with friends forcing new to decide upon either Alaska or the Eastern Seaboard.


  9. I always wanted to learn how to make those towel animals… they’re so cute! I’m glad you had a nice time. 🙂


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