Seriously, please be safe and take all precautions! đŸ˜€


9 responses

  1. lol! No kidding. I hope that everyone remains safe and gets out of dodge before this behemoth moves in.


  2. Hahaha! That meme is awesome! You’re right though. I hope in this ones path are heeding the scale and severity. If they can get out, I hope they have by now. Say a little prayer for Ocracoke. đŸ˜³


  3. Ah! Funny! But you are right, I hope everyone heeds the warnings and evacuates. This is not to be trifled with!


  4. True! I do hope people heeded the warnings and moved to safety. I pray Florence takes an eastern turn and fizzles!!


  5. LMAO!!!! Stay safe, everyone.


  6. LOL that took an unexpected turn


  7. That’s so funny! I love it.


  8. LOL! There is some truth to this, though. Blizzards are the same way đŸ™‚


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