Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…

I still haven’t figured it out…


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  1. Not only I can’t figure it out, I am too scared to even try.


    1. It’s easier to just put them back on the bed when they’re dry! The adult thing I can’t help u with! 😉

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  2. I vowed to never grow up. Fitted sheets get rolled lol


  3. When I started the nanny job that I have right now, I was instructed on how to fold the fitted sheets. It works every. single. time. and it’s so easy! I’ll never go back to struggling now haha

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    1. Okay you must share this. To this day mine are sort of a square that I pat down!

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      1. I shall try my best with this but I think visuals would help haha:

        Start by folding the sheet in half by sticking the pockets into each other. Lay it down (a bed or sofa works best) and create sharp corners where the pockets are by tucking and folding the pocket lump into the top edge. bring the bottom straight edge up to the top. Repeat one more time so it’s a long thin rectangle. Then fold that over either in half or in 3rd to make a smaller, thin rectangle. 😀

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      2. Well, it sounds like it will be simple. But so did putting on magnetic false eyelashes! I will give it a try!

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      3. Haha I hope it works out for you! It really is simple once you get the folding technique for the corners. That turns the whole thing into an almost perfect square

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      4. Now help me with the eyelashes, please! I bought some but haven’t had the patience to really work with them yet! LOL


      5. That is an area that I can’t help you lol I’m sorry! If I can leave the house with a little eyeshadow and mascara and lipstick looking half-way decent then it’s a good day

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    1. Hard to figure out either one, isn’t it?


    1. Now if someone knows the trick to magnetic eyelashes!

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      1. I’m not sure there is a trick – they just might be impossible.

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      2. I ought a pair not too pricey to try. Lol, I need like an hour free to just practice!

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