Me & JP, Y is for Yardstick…

IMG_1766JP is our youngest grandson who turned five in September. He and his mom and dad lived with us while they were building their house a year ago. Though they’ve moved into their new house now, we still get to pick him up from preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays and spend the afternoon with him. Next year he’ll be in kindergarten all day. He’s so full of fun and remarkably wise for his years!

For Blogging A to Z, I’ll be sharing some of our many conversations over the last few years.  I hope you enjoy.  I know this sounds a little contrived, but he really did say this.  And wonderful Nana that I am, my first thought was, “Yes, there’s my Y word, LOL!”

JP:  Nana, guess what?

Me:  What?

JP:  I’m taller than a yardstick!

(I’m not sure how tall he is, cause I don’t even have a yardstick.  And I don’t know if he knows what that is, but he’s probably right, cause he’s kind of a big guy for his age!)

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  1. Do you think he’ll ever see America go metric?

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    1. I don’t know. We started back when I was in school and then apparently the U.S. changed their minds about it, which only made things more confusing for all of us!

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      1. We started in 1965 and I still think in yards, feet and inches, stones, pounds, and ounces and can even quote rods, poles, and perches!!

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      2. I am impressed! We have one and two liter bottles of some things and gallons of others. Confusing. I would have to look it up before I could convert!

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  2. He is tall! I see you and your husband as tall though… so your son and grandson must take after you. 😃 Kids are so excited to get big. Ah those were the days!

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    1. And when you wanted to be older! He’s already saying he’s six even though his bday is in the fall. So told him if we’re just picking an age I’ll be 42!

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  3. Of course he knows what a yard stick is Nana. He’s brilliant. And he probably measured and is correct. I’ve never met the sweet child, but I already love him dearly.


  4. Yeah, he must be taller than a yardstick. lol


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