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FRIDAY UPDATE: I posted this back in the fall and I have an update on my brother’s sister-in-law.  After months of MRIs, scans, therapy and much improvement, a recent MRI in January showed that she did indeed have a brain tumor.  Apparently there was too much residual swelling and bleeding from what happened in Switzerland for doctors to be able to tell anything distinctly.  And she was so improved, talking, regaining gross and fine motor skills, etc.
She had surgery to remove the tumor on Wednesday at a suburban hospital affiliated with Northwestern.  We are so lucky to have access to wonderful health care in the Chicago area.  The doctor believed he got all of the tumor and was not immediately able to identify the type or grade of tumor, which I understand is actually a good sign.  Pathology will take weeks, but hopefully there will be an initial report soon.  Upon waking in recovery, she was able to talk and respond to questions (you know, what day, year, who is the president, that kind of thing) so we are cautiously optimistic!  Thank you all for your many prayers and also for the recent ones I requested.  The power of prayer, especially on a grand scale, is wonderful!!
And, BTW, I will be going to my happy Hawaiian place next week to celebrate hubby’s birthday this year in actuality.  I literally cannot wait to get on that plane!



Yesterday, like many Americans, I woke to the horrible news of another mass shooting, this time at an outdoor country music concert in Las Vegas, Nevada.  At least 59 people were dead, more than 500 were injured.  The number of guns and amount of ammunition this 64-year-old shooter had in his hotel room and home is utterly astounding.  And the current speculation is that he used a semiautomatic rifle that had been illegally, of course, converted to a fully automatic rifle so that he could shoot almost continuously for 4 and 1/2 minutes from a 32nd floor hotel room down into a crowd of people gathered across the street.  This is madness…

The morning news pretty much ran into the noon news with the story run again and again.  There are some bright spots.  We’ve heard amazing stories about the Las Vegas first responders and ordinary people in the crowd…

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  1. So glad to hear you’ve had some good news! ♥ I would like to now join you on your vacation. What do you think?? Haha 😀

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    1. Come on, meet you at the airport!


  2. Oh, Dee, thats great news! Hopefully the pathology comes back negative. And enjoy the respite from this crappy weather. Hawaii. Man, that sounds great right now. *sigh*. 😃

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    1. We are so hopeful. She was up and walking, eating, SO thankful. And I literally cannot wait to get on that plane! Also thankful for that!

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  3. That’s great news! I am so glad she’s recovering well.
    And Hawaii…I’m so jealous. I am back at work after a 3 week holiday to spend time with family in India and getting back to work is the most depressing thought ever…already looking to plan another holiday!

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    1. It’s what keeps me going, planning the next trip!


  4. Wonderful news amongst the craziness that’s going on.

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  5. Great news!
    Have a wonderful time in Hawaii — as if you need to be told! 😀

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    1. Thanks! Even if it rains every day, it will still be ok cause it’s Hawaii!

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  6. What fantastic news Dee. Hope she continues to improve and is soon home. Enjoy Hawaii and send some rays of sunshine via the blog.

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  7. Enjoy your trip and savor the happy news, Dee.

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  8. So glad to hear the good news! Have a wonderful time in HI! That’s my very favorite happy place🤗

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  9. That’s such good news. Really great. Hopefully she’ll keep getting better and better. Now go and enjoy some sunshine and warmth 😎

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    1. Two more days before we go, cannot wait! And thanks for your good wishes. It’s really appreciated!

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      1. You’re most welcome Dee. ❤️


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