Monday Musings about Coming Home…

I’ve just gotten back from a short vacay in Virginia Beach and the older I get, the shorter the visits seem!  My only sister and her family live there as my brother-in-law is retired military.  I so wish our houses were closer but thank goodness the plane fare is not too bad nowadays.  The only downside is getting back to cooking, cleaning and real life!

Before we left well ahead of Hurricane Irma, we got to see one of my dear nieces and her hubby and two boys because they live close by.  Her sister is in northern Virginia and we only get to see her and her family about once a year or so.  It’s tough when family is spread around the country.

I’m sure many of you have the same situation as me.  I’ve got two sons and a stepson and family in Illinois, a stepdaughter and family in Tennessee and another stepdaughter and family in North Carolina.  My sis is in Virginia, my brothers are in the Chicago area, but already one nephew is married and settled in Wisconsin.

We’re planning a few vacations next year, one to Las Vegas for the over 21 crowd and my sis and her hubby and my hubby and I are taking a cruise from Boston to Canada next fall, just a week long getaway for the four of us.  Yes, it’s a lot of work and some expense, but it’s worth it to reconnect with each other.  We also do our Memorial Day weekend trip to Tennessee for hubby’s family reunion.

I must say, there are way more benefits than disadvantages to having such a big and wonderful family, including lots of great places to visit.  We love each and every one of you!

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  1. Wow lots of places to visit for sure! Glad you arrived home safely


  2. I know it’s tough and you must miss them, but on the other hand you never get to fight over stupid things and you get to travel to wonderful places! Can’t have everything, I suppose…

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    1. This is true. I just don’t want us to get SO busy with our own lives and families that we don’t make time to get together. Since our parents are both gone now we don’t have that to draw us together.


  3. I’m long overdue for a trip to visit my sister in NYC. But she travels so much for work it might be easier for me to meet her in Rome. (Where are my damn lottery winnings??)

    Hm… Boston to Canada, huh? I know this cool chick who lives in the Boston area… 😉

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  4. We have relatives all over the place too – sometimes I wish we went on vacations just for ourselves but they’re generally bound up with visiting one of our family members!


  5. Lucky lucky you. I have a different sort of luck, with a big family clustered in a very few locations.


  6. Happy for you. Our family dispersed across the US long ago, it is sad that we only seem to get together for tragic circumstances…mostly illness and funerals. We should plan happier occasions, like your cruise !


  7. We have family all over – I do wish we all lived closer, but at the same time, it really is a good reason to go visit people in places I might rarely see otherwise!

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    1. Yes, especially if you can get them to live in good vacation places!

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