Last night I dreamt a dream I’ve had several times before in different variations.  I’m going back to school, usually college, because I found I’m one class short of graduating.  This time I was in high school and I’d had to go back so that my college degree was valid, because I was one credit short in high school.  Dreams never make much sense, at least mine.  It was pretty vivid as I remember it was English class I was taking and the teacher asked me what class I was missing and when I told her, she nodded sagely and said, “Ah, yes, Latin.”  Which doesn’t make a bit of sense why I would be in English class, especially since I’ve never taken one single Latin class in my life!

I remember feeling like I hadn’t studied enough, my paper wasn’t complete, I couldn’t do the test, everyone around me was finishing and when papers were handed back — poof, that’s it.  Now the weird thing is, I have a high school diploma.  I have a college degree.  That all happened a long, long time ago.  I do have a high school class reunion coming up next month so do you think I’m stressing about that? I don’t feel like I am.  Yes, I’m older and heavier and grayer than I was in high school, but, geez, who isn’t in my class?  I mean, we’re all the same age!   I went to a really large high school with a graduating class of about 1200.  My maiden name began with Z-Y, so you can imagine I was at the end of the line.  My poor parents sat through graduation four times with us kids.  Everyone did clap and cheer and throw their hats in the air when I finally walked across the stage, though! 😉

My thoughts about these dreams has been that somehow I feel like a fraud, like I don’t really have the degrees I say I do.  Or could it be I’m anxious about something in life right now?  I’m thinking of getting a book about analyzing dreams but if anyone has any suggestions or ideas about my dreams, please let me know.  I did just hear something on the news about people who dream being less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, so there’s a plus!

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  1. I can’t correlate any dreams I’ve had with a situation in life. When I get strange dreams, it’s usually that strawberry cheesecake that I had eaten way too late. 😀

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  2. The thought of having to go back to high school is more like a nightmare! 😃

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  3. I would say use your dreams to help you write a book about analysing dreams. You’ll make a small fortune, and you don’t need to stick to reality, just make it up!


  4. It might not mean anything. Dreams seem to be completely illogical sometimes. My recurring school dream is that I’m unable to get into my locker or I’m locked out of my dorm room. People think it means I want my youth back, but I can’t have it because I’m “locked out”… But yours… I’m not sure. Maybe you forgot something totally unrelated to school and the missed class is whatever you forgot.

    But I’m no expert… 😀


  5. The looming reunion is probably playing into it. I have no idea what the dream would mean though. Maybe a little nostalgia? Or wishing for a second chance at the opportunities you were given? Those are always on my mind… 😉


  6. I often get similar dreams like the one you had. I see myself in High School and that I haven’t prepared for a test making me very scared. I’m not sure what thee dreams mean either but it’s strange how one can dream of something that has happened a long time ago!


  7. I have quite elaborate dreams which generally end with a toilet – my cue to walk up and use the bathroom!


  8. My vivid dreams I’m usually in a convention center, hotel, or Mall and I have to get people out, and can’t find my way. Weird stuff. It would be fascinating to know what the dreams might mean.


  9. I’m friends with a woman who does dream interpretation for a side business. I once asked her about these kinds of school-related dreams. She said they can have various meanings, such as maybe you’re forgetting something in real life, or that you’re neglecting your responsibilities, or maybe there’s something you regret from the past.
    One thing she always says though, is that there is no “one” definitive meaning. Ultimately, the reason for the dream – if there is one – is the one that makes sense to you.


  10. I have been following and working with dreams since 1986. Dreaming of being back in school is actually quite common. Personally, I always forget my classes, lol. Were you a conscientious student? The element of fraudulence is also a common theme and part of human nature, I believe. Missing a credit is an interesting twist on the school theme. In the school of life where are you missing credit? Are you undervaluing yourself – a bit of a perfectionist? Maybe selling yourself short? Of course, I know nothing about you, but have always found useful guidance from my dreams. Check out the “Dream Along With Me” page of my blog. Happy to chat further.


  11. Wow, I thought I was the only one who dreamt about being back in school. It’s alway high school and I can’t find my locker, class, or I haven’t prepared for a big test. This was reoccurring along with another one about being in a tornado. Now I’m curious…I’ll have to check out your reader’s blog above and Google for further reading!


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