Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…

I have to keep a printed list of mine or I’d never remember 😊  And I hate the sites where you have to change your password every few months…


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  1. I can relate 🤔🙄😳

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  2. For sure it is quite an undertaking to remember all those passwords. I never thought about it in those positive terms of keeping the old brain agile.


  3. Augh, I hate how difficult my work passwords have to be. They’re so bad, we write them down and refer to them repeatedly. Which kind of ruins the point of security, right?

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    1. I know! I type out a list because we couldn’t possibly remember them all , but if anyone found it they could access everything!

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  4. Plus the code on the alarm, the one on the safe, the phone, the bike lock…etc😱

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    1. So true. And all the phone numbers I need to know. My brothers and I all live in the suburbs of Chicago, but we all even have different area codes, so I’d never remember all the nieces and nephews, etc.!

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  5. I too have to keep a printed copy “just in case.” I do love the convenience and opportunities of the Internet, but everything comes with a price I suppose…

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    1. I could not give up the internet! It’s worth having to write things down. But then, if I didn’t have all the relatives’ phone numbers in my phone, I wouldn’t remember those anymore either.

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  6. Ain’t it the truth?! One of the perks to having nothing worth taking is no longer needing separate passwords. I still have a system to keep track of them, but there are only so many variations…

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