I Love My Feet Day…

Did you know its National I love My Feet Day?  The third annual celebration, I swear!

In honor of the day, a pedicure picture 😀  How will you be celebrating?

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  1. What if you don’t love your feet? Can I celebrate “I love someone else’s feet?”
    Oh damn, I’ve gone and given away a secret now!

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  2. There’s a day for everything isn’t there! 😂
    I love a good pedicure but had to refrain this week because thanks to my daughter and a clumsy accident I lost a toe nail! Ouch!!!!

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    1. Oh, my goodness, I can’t even imagine how painful that would be! Hope it’s better soon!!


      1. Thank You! Xxx

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  3. I’ll be celebrating by staying off my feet 👣

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  4. By going barefoot as soon as humanly possible. Too damn hot to be wearing shoes today. 😃


  5. Cute sandals! I think I will stay off my feet… lazy celebration. 🙂


  6. I’ll celebrate by trying to keep off of my feet. 😉

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  7. I wasn’t planning on celebrating (because I didn’t know about the holiday), but it does seem like an excellent excuse for a pedicure, if you ask me!

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    1. I never knew there was a special day for it, but you’re right, great excuse for a pedicure

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  8. I hadn’t thought of it. Maybe I’ll give my toesies a bubble bath?


  9. Your feet look perfect! They deserve your love!

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    1. Thank you! It is true that taking care of them is not only fun it’s becoming a necessity as I get older, lol.


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