Monday Musings on Life…


Some thoughts from me while it’s still Monday in my part of the world!

a) Does this ever happen to you?  Twice now I’ve been in a restaurant where there is just one person who has the type of voice that carries so loudly and clearly that I can hear every word they are saying as if they were at my table.  And they’re not even sitting that close to me.

All the other 50 or 60 people’s voices are normal.  I mean, I know there are conversations at each table, but nothing that interferes with the conversation at our table.  It drives me bonkers because I just cannot tune out that one voice and I really, really don’t care about the details of their life/recipe/school/shopping trip/work/whatever!  Do people really not realize how loud they are speaking?

b) I apparently give off some vibes that make me seem approachable.  Relative strangers tell me personal things.  All the time.  The gym where I go to work out early in the day has a wide variety of people from young adults to older couples.  This very nice older Indian woman has been talking to me for a few weeks now as we’re there at the same time most days.  Her oldest daughter is in her late 30s and lives in a western state.  She is either divorced or never married, but has at least one son who is a teenager.

The problem is she hits up her older parents who are retired for money all the time.  It sounds like they’ve sent her literally thousands of dollars over the years.  The latest story is that the daughter lost her job because of the heat wave and she became dehydrated and had to spend time in the hospital.  Now, I don’t think that would actually happen because I’m pretty sure you can’t fire someone for having to miss work while in the hospital, but these parents don’t want to believe their daughter might be lying to them.

She tells them she won’t move back with them, they can’t visit her because it’s never a good time, but if they don’t continue to send money they will come back in the next life as cockroaches.  The cockroach thing seems to bother my new friend a lot as she’s mentioned it to me more than once.

I gently suggested they go out and surprise her anyway, talk to a counselor here for some advice or pull a tough love move and tell her, sorry, they can’t afford to send her anything more.  I get how easy it is to feel guilty, especially as a parent, but it sounds like the daughter is a master manipulator and I’m out of ideas.

c) I’m trying to get back to writing fiction, but it’s been very difficult for me to be creative lately.  I’m just not motivated and nothing comes to mind that seems worth writing.  I’m still hoping for that inspiration to just hit me!

d) The weather here is so gorgeous for the middle of August.  It’s low eighties, sunny, breezy — and I think I’ll just go outside…


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  1. I’ve never been threatened by saying I’d reincarnate as an insect. 😀 BTW, beautiful hibiscus!!

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    1. I think it must be a cultural thing. I’d guess the parents are first generation by their accents and their children are way more Americanized! Thanks on the picture, from vacation in Maui last year


  2. I’m glad I don’t come across as approachable. Must be my resting bitch-face. 😀 I could not deal with someone’s family drama. I don’t even want to deal with my own!

    I wish you inspiration! When I was feeling stuck, I actually started trying to write from prompts. I hate prompts… I even hate the word ‘prompt’ but I did it anyway. I’m not sure if that’s what helped me get out of my rut, but maybe it did…

    The weather here has been weird for August. Cooler than normal… some days really nice… others too sticky for my liking. But I’m glad it’s not all 90s all the time. That’s just too hot!

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    1. Hahaha, I need to acquire the bitch face! I really don’t usually mind people talking to me but sometimes I’m surprised how personal it gets! And most people seem to just need to talk, they already know what they’re going to do and don’t really want my opinion.

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      1. That’s definitely true — it may sound like someone wants advice but really, they’re going to do whatever they want to do anyway!

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  3. It’s good to be approachable, in a sense. At least you don’t have a mean “f-off” look. People tell me often that I’m intimidating….it always floors me. Me? Mean? I’m just a big huggy puff ball. I would have to start being mean if my kids said I had to send them money or come back as a cock roach in another life. Just saying.


  4. I get the approachable… it can be totally annoying. How are you Dee? Just visiting and catching up a little. I’ve really fallen off the radar!

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    1. I’m pretty good, Meg, so glad you visited! I’m a sucker for anyone with a problem I guess. I check your site often to see if you’ve posted. Truly believing in chemo brain lately and hoping it gets better over time!

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  5. OMG I was just thinking about you last night when I was going to sleep, hoping everything was okay with you. I was also thinking how I’m never going to be able to be as smooth a writer as you so why should I even try…I think I’m in a dark twisty place right now, IDK why. Glad to see you back with your wit and charm ❤ Love you, Mz. Dee


  6. I have a near neighbour who talks on his mobile phone (cell) as if he were talking to a neighbour 5 doors away. I often feel like joining in the conversation but have not yet plucked up the courage!

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  7. Some people just have to be loud. We frequent one restaurant and I cringe when I see this one man. He can shake the windows!! As for your gym friend, all you can really do is listen. And I’m glad you went outside!! You wrote so many great stories, maybe go over them again. Something might spark. Ok. I’m done babbling on now 😂


  8. I relate to a and b and d. I use the unapproachable face/tone of voice to avoid getting too much information from strangers. After all, I am a social worker so that is crossing my professional/personal boundaries. It is frustrating to hear some folks complain about a problem that they could change but don’t. My relating to c is trying to write more regularly my food blogs and read those blogs I follow more regularly. Happy August!

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  9. I’ve had that happen. The sanest course is just to say I’m sorry. Often those with tragic stories to tell to strangers are people who’ve wasted loving ears.


  10. People always talk to me at the gym, I never understand why either, but I quite enjoy it and hearing people’s little stories 🙂

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    1. It really does help pass the time. I think if people spill so many secrets they must really need someone to talk to!

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  11. Wow you must have a gorgeous friendly face!! Very interesting and sad story! Have missed you xxx


  12. Life is full of signs for you to awaken the self dormant within yourself. Discover that hidden identity.

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    1. Yes, my life’s work 🙂 thank you for reading

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  13. Just a thought on the loud talker. Some people are just loud and rude, but it is also true that if you are hard of hearing, you speak more loudly because you can’t hear yourself.


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