Me and JP, Conversations with a 4 1/2 Year Old…

20160816_12453220160816_12440020160816_124417_001JP is my now 4 and 1/2 year-old grandson. He and his mom and dad and their English bulldog, Tank, lived with us while their new house was being built.  One of the best things about having them here was spending time talking with him.  It makes me hopeful for the next generation.  He is so wise and so much fun!   You can find all my Me & JP stories here.

Here’s a short conversation we had recently on the way home from preschool as we drove through an area with road construction.


JP:  Look, Nana, it’s a Bobcrane.

Me:  (Trying not to laugh, as I know Bob Crane as the former star of Hogan’s Heroes, an old American television war comedy.)  Maybe you meant a Bobcat?

JP:  No, Nana.  *big sigh*  A Bobcat is a digger, you know, they dig up the rocks and things and then put down the dirt and make it smooth so you can walk over it.  A Bobcrane is that big crane with the hook on the end that hooks things and puts them down.

Me:  Well, I’m not sure that’s what they call it.  I thought it was just a crane.

JP:  I’m right, aren’t I, Papa?


(I really need to be ready to record these conversations on my phone before I get stuck in the middle of them!)


7 responses

  1. He’s obviously right. What would you know?


  2. Hahaha! I do wish I’d have had a recorder going 24/7 when mine were little. Funny creatures, these kids. 😃


  3. They know everything, nana. You should know by now lol. Precious moments for sure. Love these conversations ❤️😊


  4. I wish I recorded so many things when my kids were younger. Even some stuff now! Your little grandson is adorable!!

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    1. He is such a delight! Still so funny at this age.

      Liked by 1 person

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