Sharing my Story

A very honest and wonderful story by a new friend, Rae, about her experiences with breast cancer. I hope you’ll stop by her blog!


I have thought long and hard about this. Should I? Shouldn’t I?  But I am now 2 years clear of cancer and I feel it would be a good way to celebrate that.


So here goes…

When I was first diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer 2 years ago (aged 47) I thought my number was up.  I had lost my Mum (lung cancer), my Sister (oesophageal cancer), two Aunts (breast cancer), an Uncle (lung cancer)  and my grandmother (breast cancer) throughout my life. So for me cancer has never had a “happy ending”.  In fact on my medical notes it states “negative experience of cancer”.  I honestly believed there was no other experience of cancer.

Whilst I am overjoyed that I am 2 years clear, I have run through the whole gamut of human emotion.  Guilt because I “survived”, elation because it didn’t “get me”, fear because…

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3 responses

  1. Thank you for sharing Rae’s story.

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    1. She’s a very brave woman who’s been through a lot, isn’t she?

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      1. She most definitely is. Thanks again, because of your post I was able to follow her.

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