Little Red Corvette…

Little Red Corvette

corvette 2

Baby you’re much too fast, yes you are
Little red Corvette
You need to find a love that’s gonna last*

My guy likes fast.  I like slow.  We worked it out 😉

You always drove fast,

taking our roads’ twists and turns at breakneck speed

I hung on tight, not taking the wheel


Still thrilled to be along for the ride

Had to slow our motors down

if we wanted our love to last


You still want fast and I like slower but

we’re vrooming and zooming along


till we run out of gas…


Inspired by one of my favorite songs and my guy’s favorite car.


~Diane D.

*Lyrics from Little Red Corvette by Prince Rogers Nelson



38 responses

  1. He really has the car? If so, that’s cool! My husband is a huge Prince fan but he had a red Mustang… (long since gone now!) 😀

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      1. John was like that with his Mustang… until my son was on the way… then he traded it for something more practical…

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      2. Luckily the boys were older when he got it. He has a Chevy Cruze for most days while baby sits in the garage!

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      3. Yeah… John had the Mustang when we met… it was, like, 13 years old when he sold it.

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      4. Guys and their muscle cars 🙂

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  2. Sounds like being great fun, Diane. 😉 Hugs1

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  3. Inspired be a forgotten Prince song (and one of his best as far as I am concerned). Love your words. Agree with Bushka, fun to read.

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  4. Oh the car, is it yours? Your hubs is my new hero! I love American muscle cars. I currently salivate over The Challenger Hellcat. Instead I drive a practical Chevy alas… Anyway, the poem is awesome!

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    1. I drive an SUV but, yes, that is hubby ‘s car, 2006 T top, Monterrey red, I think…

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      1. Dying!!!!!!!! 😍

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      2. It is a pretty car, I think I’ve driven it maybe five times 🙂 it’s his baby

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      3. Wow, I’d be fighting him for it, if I was you! 😀


      4. I am always afraid I’ll drive it to the grocery store and someone will dent it or something!

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      5. Er.. Yeah that would suck!

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      6. If I ever drive anywhere more exciting…


  5. A perfect pairing 🙂

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    1. It’s my favorite song by Prince!

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  6. This was part of your May romance pieces which I absolutely LOVE, Diane! ❤ May he go slow when you wish to dance and kiss l o n g- on the mouth! 😉

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    1. Mm, exactly! He goes slow when it matters!!


  7. This poem is so cute and sweet and I bet that engine hums really good 😉

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    1. Ooh, now who’s a little racy?!

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  8. Oooh wow! I love Corvette and obv my guy too! Loved the poem 😀 I am sad that there is only 15 more days for the Mushy May! :\
    Vishnu also drives fast and he was a motobike racing champion back in India 😀 But being in a relationship does weird things to people :\ He has turned into a very careful driver in the last few years 😛 But occasionally the racing streak comes back and I LOVE it!! I would love if he drove fast all the time 😛

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    1. He was a racing champion!? Wow, that’s crazy. You guys seem perfect for each other!

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