Hold your Breath…

Hold Your Breath (Search and Rescue, #1)Hold Your Breath by Katie Ruggle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Today’s new release is an action-packed and suspense-filled mystery and romance that finds Lou Sparks as the newest diver in a remote Rocky Mountain town’s search and rescue operation. Lou moved across the country, far from her controlling family and an annoying ex and is planning to immerse herself in her new job. While she’s training hard and trying to fit in with the team, it seems that every time she slips up, it’s in front of her handsome but stoic boss, Callum Cook, who hardly ever smiles and certainly not at her.  We first met Lou and Callum in the introductory novella to this series, On His Watch.  You can find my review here.

But then Lou discovers a corpse during a diving exercise and is anxious to help local authorities solve the riddle of his identity. Staid Callum, with his cautious personality and OCD tendencies, reluctantly agrees to help, if only to keep Lou out of trouble. When it soon becomes apparent that Lou is being stalked and the stalking incidents escalate, Callum is forced to admit his attraction to his new recruit and his need to be the one to see that she is safe.

The cat and mouse game continues and Lou, Callum and local authorities try to figure out who would want to harm her and how it’s connected to the murder she uncovered. It’s a fast-paced, suspenseful read with some twists and turns along the way.

I received this book as an advanced copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    1. It’s good. The introductory novella in the series is called On His Watch. I will link my reviews together.

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      1. Thanks. Love suspense


  1. Oooo this looks like a good read. Adding it to my wishlist 😀
    Best Wishes!

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    1. It is good, first in a series by this new author. Introductory novella is On His Watch.

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      1. I added both to my wish list.. can’t wait to purchase and read (will have to wait til May though *laughs* I’ve used up my book allowance already this month!)

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      2. I do hope you enjoy them!

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      3. Thank you, dear.. I am sure I will!


  2. This one sounds interesting.

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    1. It was good. I like the one called Silent Sentry by Theresa Rizzo, too. Italian and Russian mob, corporate espionage, you’d like it, I think

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      1. Wow, that one sounds really interesting. Thise are my kind of reads.

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      2. Hers always deal with some ethical dilemma, too. Hugs

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  3. You’ve snared me!

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    1. She’s new, good writer, I think!

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  4. it sounds good. I’ll get back to you on that – and hopefully soon 😉


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