Please Take My TV Survey!

Please help my friend out with her university class by taking her quick survey. She was an absolute love and helped me with all sorts of blogging and computer questions when I first started my blog last fall so I’d like to return the favor and get her lots of help now! Thanks!!


Do you watch TV shows?

Are you above the age of 18?

Do you have three minutes to spare for a student who’s just trying to pass a class?

Then please take my survey!

I’m in a Research Methods class at university and we all have to do our own research project. And of course mine is on my favourite subject: television!

Like I said, my survey only takes a few minutes, and it’d benefit me greatly! All I ask is that you answer honestly and that you’re above the age of 18 (school rules, sorry!). All your answers are anonymous, so don’t worry about anything.

I know I have readers of all ages, so I should have a wide range of answers, which is exactly what I need for my project!

So please, click this link below, take my survey, and, if you’re feeling especially gracious, please share with friends! The more…

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32 responses

  1. On my way there now!

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    1. Thanks, doll. She’s really a sweetie!

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      1. No trouble… as I sit here watching tv right now. 😀

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    1. Thanks, Meg. She’s a sweet girl.

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  2. Thanks so much for doing that!


    1. Oh, mwah <3. You are in a giving mood! I like that about you 😉

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    1. Thanks, Wendy! You’re a doll

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  3. sportsattitudes | Reply

    Done Diane. (Enjoyed taking it!)


  4. Done! Glad to help.

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    1. Thanks, Rita! Appreciate it!!

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  5. This was fun! I did the extra comments, too. I take all sorts of TV surveys and was even blessed with the Nielsen company asking me my first year of blogging to complete the New Fall Lineup! There were spread sheets and everything. I used to watch about 3 hours a night! 5 hours on Sat and Sun.

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    1. Thanks for doing that. I never knew anybody who did the Nielsen ratings. I always thought it would be fun!


  6. Trust she’ll get a great mark….maybe she could report back to you her results? That was a painless process.


    1. Thanks for doing that. I will ask her to let us know how she does!

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